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just a note

Here you will find all the little essential details and things to consider before and while on our date. I appreciate you taking the time to read each note and reaching out to me if you have any questions. I love putting in the effort to make sure we are both feeling comfortable and excited about our time together, and I cherish you doing the same. I’m eagerly anticipating us and our grand adventure;
I look forward to hearing from you soon…



Clear expectations encourage sensuous moments to flow organically

Etiquette Policy-
I love the moments right before meeting someone new, the curated anticipation. I can picture you now: Meeting you at the threshold, matching smiles on our faces as we embrace. After a sweet hello kiss, you place your consideration (which is tucked neatly in an open envelope or thoughtful card) on the table nearest you and excuse yourself to freshen up. If we are in a public place, a quick trip to the washroom before we start is a great idea. Or, if we’re somewhere more intimate, feel free to use the toiletries I’ve provided or hop into the shower for a quick scrub down. I’ll get our libations, and our time starts when we are both ready and feeling indulgent. This is our fantasy, and I love taking the time to delight in it with you.

Date Policy-
I know that my safety and comfort are vital to us both. Respecting me is the easiest way to make me feel safe and desired. I keep these policies in place to protect us both. My rates are non-negotiable. Screening is non-negotiable and does not guarantee booking confirmation; I reserve the right to refuse anyone. If I feel unsafe during the booking process or reservation at any point, I reserve the right to terminate the date, and you will not be refunded. I appreciate you respecting these policies; it really turns me on.

Cancellation Policy-
Life can get hectic, and cancellations happen. Disappointment can be easily managed with a little consideration. I will receive cancellations with more than 48+ hours’ notice with an understanding empathy and an eager desire to reschedule at your convenience, and your deposit will count towards our future date. Cancellations with less than 48h notice will be met with a sad face and forfeit deposit. Cancellations with less than 24h notice forfeit deposit and require the remaining rate to be paid in full before rebooking.
Please don’t stand me up; I won’t see you in the future.

Deposit Policy-
A deposit is the easiest way to secure my time and confirm your commitment. All dates require a 20% deposit and can be paid in the form of Cashapp, Bitcoin, or a Giftcard. I’ll send you specific information based on your choice in the booking form! You’ll take care of the rest of the rate in cash once we meet. See my etiquette policy for more details about how to prepare and place your considerations once we’ve converged.

Curious about Kink?
Interested in turning a specific fantasy into reality? I would be honored to help facilitate you in almost any adventure you aspire. A Switch at heart, I’ve been exploring kink for nearly ten years; I love learning new ways to explore sensuality and sexuality. I have experience as a Domme and as a Submissive and experience with more intense desires. My kinks include and are not limited to Impact Play, Bondage & Shibari, FemDom, Submission, Pet Play & other types of Role Play, Objectification, Orgasm Control & Denial, Pegging, CBT, and Sensation Play. I’m a bit of a sex toy nerd and love incorporating them into play! If you are curious to explore a particular dynamic or scene, please leave me a note in your booking form. If it’s something I’m capable and willing to indulge in, we can discuss the details over email and flush out our pre-negotiations in person. Kink is something I take seriously because of how powerful a tool it can be. Your respect and vulnerability are to be cherished and honored deeply, and it’s so sexy feeling confident you feel the same with me.
Let’s see how deep we can go.