Those sweet & sultry stares we'll give each other; across the table at our favorite restaurant or across the sheets in our king suite...

I'm looking forward to us already

Our time, at a glance

up to 5 hrs – 1500

3 hrs – 1000

2 hrs – 800

1 hr – 500


Overnights, Weekends, and Trips
are all bespoke to our unique “us”

~ inquire within ~


Virtual Dates

• Photos starting at 50 – Video starting at 100 •
• Phone Chat – 150/hh •
• Video Chat 350/h •
 Virtual Connection Bundles 
• 1 day200 ; 1 week900 ; 1 month2500 • 

let’s go out together to explore
and indulge in adventure

Jessie & Natalie-870-Airbrushed

Lucky First Date

                                    3 Hours1000

Here we are, that moment you’ve been fantasizing. Can you feel the heat of the air between us as our heartbeats bounce it back and forth? My soft and sultry eyes meet yours and bring a devilish smirk to both of our faces. Taking a moment to chat and get into our unique and exquisite rhythm; creating an authentic romance and watching it blossom. Perfect amount of time to find our groove

Sweet Rendezvous

5 Hours1500

Let’s fall into each other over and over again. Exploring just how deep we can go; the length of the connection we can make. Enjoying sweet and savory treats, their tastes still lingering on our moths as we collide for a moment of pure exhilaration. Still with plenty of time to snuggle up and sip on the exquisite cocktail of our own lusty creation.

Swift Romance
2 Hours – 800

Exchanging suggestive glances as we enjoy a bottle of Riesling together. Our fingers start to trail each other’s skin like road maps. Foreplay comes in many forms; I love the way our intoxicating conversations stimulate me
from head to toe.

Brief Affair 
1 Hour – 500

A fantasy come to life.
I’ll be waiting for you
and take your hand in mine,
arriving at our retreat.
we indulge in each other
with passionate intention 

After spending a sensual and exciting day together, let’s find respite in each other as we snuggle up to wind down a whirlwind adventure. I love cuddling under covers after spending all day becoming so comfortable and desired with you. If you’re not ready for our fantasy to end, let’s keep it going. Weekend rendezvouses are perfect for out-of-town trips and longer adventures worthy of taking multiple days to explore. 

Overnights, Weekends, and Trips
are all bespoke to our unique “us”

~ inquire within ~

Virtual Dates

we won’t let distance get in the way of our connection

A Captured Moment; 
Photos start at – 50

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture of me taken just for you is priceless. You pick the outfit and the angle; I’ll get to work making your digital dreams come true. 

A Moving Memento ; 
Videos start at – 100

A fantasy come to life, right in the palm of your hands. Watch me move just for you as you play director in your very own movie. We both know you love girls on film, let me be your personal star.

A Chat to indulge your auditory or visual senses; 
Phone and video chat available 

 Phone Chat – 150/hh
Video Chat – 350/h

Let’s to get to know each other deeply and intimately, not letting any distance stop us. Hear my voice right in your ear, or feast your gaze upon me through my quality webcam. You pick the length of our virtual date and the topics of discussion. We can order takeout together and indulge in coquettish conversation from the comfort of our own homes. I can almost taste you.

Virtual Connection Bundles; 
1 day 200 ; 1 week 900 ; 1 month – 2500

I love to be your soft sweetheart, eager to massage your shoulders and help you relax and unwind. Spend time with me as your own little listening ear or your personal ticket to a fantasy world miles away from reality.  Our connection includes ◦ Unlimited texting ◦ Good Morning and Goodnight Nudes ◦ Special Just-For-You pics & clips ◦ Dirty Talk & Sexting throughout the day 

The longer you book my time the more I can commit to you, including phone calls, video chats, and custom videos

Weekly, Monthly, and Exclusive Arrangements are possible for familiar and friendly companions.

Fly Me To You is available case by case.

A meal should be provided for every 3 hours of adventure we indulge in. 6 hours of sleep should be provided for every 24 hours/overnight  adventure we indulge in.

a Deposit must be provided every time and is non-negotiable.

Please refer to my Notes for more information on deposits, cancellations, etiquette, and other questions or curiosities you might have.

Uncertain of what our ideal tryst might look like? Check out my Date Ideas for inspiration on adventure around my local city, and places I’m eager to travel to. 

Looking for something a little more unconventional? Let’s explore what a kinky connection would look like between us. A Switch by nature, I love deep diving into different dynamics. Respect and communication are key here, no matter our roles.

Have you found the perfect date for us to indulge in? Take a quick peek at my Notes for detailed explanations of my policies. Once you are ready, you can fill out my quick Booking Form and be on your way to fantasy turned reality. How delicious!