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Those sweet & sultry stares we'll give each other; across the table at our favorite restaurant or across the sheets in our king suite...

I'm looking forward to us already

Overnights, Weekends, and Trips
are all bespoke to our unique “us”

~ inquire within ~

Weekly, Monthly, and Exclusive Arrangements are possible for familiar and friendly companions.

Fly Me To You is available case by case.

A meal should be provided for every 3 hours of adventure we indulge in. 6 hours of sleep should be provided for every 24 hours/overnight  adventure we indulge in.

a Deposit must be provided every time and is non-negotiable.

Please refer to my Notes for more information on deposits, cancellations, etiquette, and other questions or curiosities you might have.

Uncertain of what our ideal tryst might look like? Check out my Date Ideas for inspiration on adventure around my local city, and places I’m eager to travel to. 

Looking for something a little more unconventional? Let’s explore what a kinky connection would look like between us. A Switch by nature, I love deep diving into different dynamics. Respect and communication are key here, no matter our roles.

Have you found the perfect date for us to indulge in? Take a quick peek at my Notes for detailed explanations of my policies. Once you are ready, you can fill out my quick Booking Form and be on your way to fantasy turned reality. How delicious!