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Date Inspiration & Ideas

Sometimes we know what we want in life, but we don’t know exactly how it will look. We know we want love and laughter and little intimate moments shared with someone beautiful inside & out. And opportunities like that come in so many sexy shapes and sizes. Here are some of my favorite ways to indulge in romance and adventure, and I can picture you right by my side. 

As you picture us together in each description, feel free to click on the purple links to see exactly where our adventure would take place. Being able to envision us together across the dining table or snuggled up in a plush booth feels like a form of foreplay, tempting fantasies of romance to come

Let’s meet up for decadent dialogue over a delicious drink.
We could create unique cocktails just for us while diving into our most daring desires.
Or maybe let our fingers intertwine as we sip on hot espresso while you indulge me in your interests.

Delectable spreads and savory conversation, the keys to my heart! I would love to swap sultry stories with you over oysters and wine. Or maybe we can pick the perfect charcuterie picnic and enjoy a little hideaway at the park, sneaking kisses and sharing snacks. If you enjoy cigars, I know just the place for a nightcap, where you can unwind and savor some sweet company. Wherever we find ourselves, spending time discovering our unique and genuine reciprocity is what intrigues me most.